SHR Casino Facing Lawsuit over Bizarre Accident

5 years ago
Diana Bellerose sues Seminole Hard Rock Casino
09 Jul

Poker player Diana Bellerose is suing suing Seminole Hard Rock Casino over a chip box inflicted injury according to the Saint Peters Blog.

Even though most of the lawsuits against casinos are filed due to player’s losses, the case of Diana Bellerose is a different story altogether. According to her statement, filed in Hillsborough County court in May, Diana is suing Seminole Hard Rock Casino because an employee dropped a box of chips on her head.

The whole story sounds like a very unfortunate accident but Diane’s lawsuit is apparently moving toward trial. It all happened when a casino employee was trying to pass the box of the chips to another employee. Unfortunately, the chip box was dropped on her head and according to her claims, she suffered several injuries.

Bellerose is now looking for compensation due to her condition after the accident according to the report by the Saint Peters Blog. She claims that she suffered severe injury and disfigurement, disability as well as hospitalization. She also added that she lost her earrings after the chip box fell on her head.

It is not the first time that casino is being sued over some accident in and outside the premises. David Hayes, an American gambler, once sued casino because robbers entered his home and stole the money he won at the casino. According to his claims he asked for a check at the casino but was given cash instead. Shortly following his win, robbers have entered his home, after had forgotten to lock his back door and took his money.

In 2014, gambler from California decided to sue a Las Vegas casino because he lost $500,000 at Downtown Grand. Mark Johnston claimed that casino loaned him $500,000 and allowed him to gamble even though he was drunk. According to his claims he drank alcohol on airport, on the way to the hotel and then went with his friends to a restaurant.

He believed that the casino in question was responsible for his losses because nobody stopped him from drunk gambling.

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