Vanessa Selbst Makes Appearance on Steve Harvey Show

4 years ago
Gives tips on playing poker
12 May

Poker took center stage during daytime television when Vanessa Selbst appeared on the Steve Harvey Show, providing the comedic host and his viewers with some advice on beating opponents at the poker table.

Selbst was featured on the "Female Ground Breaker" segment of the show where ladies who have achieved success at various endeavors are highlighted. Harvey explained to his audience that Selbst has over $10.5 million in career earnings and three WSOP gold bracelets, outpacing all other females in those categories.

Harvey began by asking Selbst how she got into poker and the 30-year-old told of getting her start on the Internet while at college, multi-tabling and "playing 24/7." Selbst's bankroll skyrocketed from $20,000 to $150,000 during the summer following graduation, setting her on a path that has resulted in her becoming one of the best poker players in the world.

Among her greatest achievements, Selbst named reaching the top of the Global Poker Index, "the first and only woman to ever get the no. 1 spot." Selbst also mentioned her three WSOP titles as a crowning accomplishment and brought the gold bracelets for viewers to see.

"That's what it's about right there," said Harvey, as he held up the WSOP jewelry. "This means so much in the world of poker."

Harvey and Selbst then played a hand of Texas Hold'em, with Selbst imparting some wisdom along the way. Harvey, who appeared to know little about the game - mistaking the turn for the river - was schooled on the benefits of having position, as well as getting as much information from your opponents as possible.

In his comedic style, Harvey went all-in after the turn on the first hand, leading Selbst to point out the advantages of being aggressive.

"You want to play your good hands aggressively, but you also want to play your bad hands aggressively," advised the female champ, "because you don't want people to figure you out so easily."

Harvey won the hand as Selbst folded, wherein Vanessa tossed another tip his way. Harvey needed some help on his "poker face."

"As a female ground breaker, when you get to no. 1, you have got to know what you're doing," Harvey told his viewers. "The majority of poker players have never been at no. 1, nor will they ever be no. 1."

Harvey's show is geared toward women, as he has become somewhat of a relationship expert. He is the author of "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" and "Straight Talk, No Chaser: How to Find and Keep a Man."

Harvey concluded the Female Ground Breaker portion of the show by saying, "Ladies, you're looking at one of the true champs right here." Selbst was given a rousing round of applause.

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