Trio Accused of Mehmet Hassan Murder Found Guilty

6 years ago
Mehmet Hasan
17 Apr

Three persons accused of murdering professional poker player Mehmet Hassan in March 2014 were found guilty. Leonie Granger who set a honey trap for Mehmet Hassan was convicted of manslaughter. Her boyfriend Kyrron Jackson and Nicholas Chandler, who had previous charges and convictions for violent crimes on the record, were found guilty of murder.

Leonie Granger, who Hassan knew as Rachel, was only interested in Hassan’s cash even though the poker pro thought ha had a romantic relationship with Leonie. He even bragged to his friends, jokingly saying that she is going out with him and he doesn't even have to pay her. However, Granger knew that Hassan was a professional poker player and that he would often have large amounts of cash on his person.

On the night of the brutal murder, Hassan and Granger met for a drink and visited a casino. Later, Hassan took Leonie to his Islington flat, where she made excuses and left. Police believes that she left the door unlocked and helped Jackson and Chandler to get inside before leaving.

Two men tied up Hassan and kicked him to death before they ransacked his home, looking for cash. A post-mortem examination showed that he died of neck and chest injuries. Robbers took his money, mobile phone and TV while Hassan was lying dead in a pool of blood. They were arrested after police examined Granger’s phone and found disturbing video of the three celebrating over Hassan’s dead body while laughing and holding bundles of £50 notes.

During the trial, Leonie Granger, 25, admitted that she was involved in the plan to rob Mehmet Hassan, but maintained that she had nothing to do with his murder. She also said that on the night of the murder she saw Jackson in front of Hassan’s flat with a man she didn't recognize. She was convicted of manslaughter and false imprisonment.

Her boyfriend Kyrron Jackson denied any involvement in the murder and claimed that his friend went inside Hassan’s flat while he stayed in the car, playing Candy Crush and Flappy Birds.

This was not the first time that Jackson and Chandler were involved in violent robberies and due to overwhelming evidence against them, they were convicted of murder.

When verdicts were delivered, Chandler started raging and swearing in the courtroom so security personnel had to have him removed. Judge William Kennedy said that they will be sentenced on April 28th and warned them that they can expect significant and immediate jail sentences.

Hassan's nephew said that his murder will continue to haunt his family and that nothing will ever replace Hassan.


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