3-Year Old Video Shows Phil Hellmuth’s Rock Paper Scissors Mind Game vs Doug Polk

7 months ago
3-Year Old Video Shows Phil Hellmuth’s Rock Paper Scissors Mind Game vs Doug Polk
15 Apr

Nothing is straightforward when it comes to poker players and prop bets, as a three-year old video of Doug Polk and Phil Hellmuth playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to settle a basketball dispute shows…

The pair were out and about late at night in Pittsburgh with Shaun Deeb, Parker Talbot and others, with Polk live-streaming the basketball bet on YouTube.

“It's my $10,000 to Phil's $1,000,” writes Polk in the intro. “Can he make a 3-point shot on the first try without warming up? Some drinking may have gone down in the making of this video.”

First up though, a suspicious potential angle from the Poker Brat, with Hellmuth claiming he should shoot from the college basketball free-throw distance, rather than NBA standards.

That discrepancy naturally required some pre-throw settling, so Polk challenged his opponent to a Rock, Paper, Scissors battle, and even then Phil seemed to be trying for an edge.

“Are you fucking with me?” asks Polk after Hellmuth seems unable to grasp the rules. When Hellmuth did manage to get the rules right, a quick scissors draw was followed by Hellmuth’s rock choice blunting Polk’s blades.

College line it was, meaning just over 22 feet (6.75m) rather than 23.75ft (7.24m) and that half-metre difference may have cost Polk $10k and much more in sidebets!

Remarkably the less-than-athletic Hellmuth shot the 3-pointer at the first attempt! That saw him dancing and prancing around the Pittsburgh parking lot, $10k richer as Polk looked on in disbelief.

“That was not a hustle,” claimed Hellmuth as Polk could only mutter “Unbelievable,” and then the Upswing Poker boss had to watch on as Hellmuth missed a second throw by a mile.

“I’d just like to say, it’s not fair…how the fuck…?” was Polk’s message to his fans, but it’s just another example of people betting against Phil Hellmuth and walking away with empty pockets.

Of course, with his High Stakes Duel II rematch with Daniel Negreanu coming up on May 5th, you’ll have the chance to make some money on Hellmuth – or against him – as he looks to go 2-0 against KidPoker, this time the buy-in $100k each.

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