Brian Hastings Signs with Multi Action Poker

4 years ago
Sponsors concept of playing two games of live poker at once
20 Aug

What's better than scooping a pot? How about scooping two pots simultaneously?

While online players have the opportunity to take down a number of pots at the same time via multi-tabling, those who play live poker can't really do so. Or can they?

Multi Action Poker (MAP) wants to make it happen and has already begun to do so at the Isle of Capri Casino in Pompano Beach, Florida. Hoping to spread their live multi-tabling concept to other casinos, MAP has signed poker pro Brian Hastings to a sponsorship deal.

"Multi Action Poker is a fun new variant of live poker," Hastings stated. "The action is fast and furious and players get significantly more hands per hour. MAP is an online poker player's live poker dream game."

Hastings has excelled in both the live and online poker arenas, securing three WSOP gold bracelets as well as winning more than $6 million in online cash games. The latter puts him among the top 10 among Internet poker's winningest players. MAP referred to Hastings as "the ideal person to bridge online play and live MAP play."

The 27-year-old Hastings joins Kristy Arnett, Michael Mizrachi and Jennifer Harman as representatives of MAP. The company's pro roster continues to grow, and with it, perhaps, will the MAP concept.

How it works

Players needn't jump from one table to the next in Multi Action Poker, as two tables are melded into one. Two dealers control the action on a color-coordinated table that allows for the distinction between the two hands that are being played simultaneously, yet separately.

Along with separate dealers, each game has its own distinguishable chips, playing cards and dealer buttons. The action moves as poker hands typically do, each hand independent of the other. Players may be betting on fourth street in one hand, while pre-flop action is underway in the other.

"MAP is more action, more fun, more excitement, more hands, more opportunities for high-hand and bad-beat Jackpots," states the MAP website. That, in turn, results in "less boredom, less downtime, less nits, allows players to diversify their chip stacks, and allows two separate games such as No Limit Hold-Em and Pot Limit Omaha to be played at the same time."

The idea for MAP is the brainchild of creator Tim Frazin, who put into words what many live players already know.

"I was bored out of my mind," Frazin stated, regarding playing at just one live table, adding that “the hands were taking forever." So he invented MAP three years ago and has been promoting the concept ever since.

Casinos have begun to take notice, as rake is essentially doubled by playing two hands at once at the same table. It also makes excellent use of the sometimes limited space and seating available in casinos.

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