666Bet Starts Repaying Its players

6 years ago
13 May

Customers of 666Bet who were struggling to withdraw their personal funds have received good news as UK Gaming Commission announced that the company has returned money to numerous customers.

Online gaming operator confirmed that they have set the deadline of May 24 for withdrawal requests, stating that withdrawal requests made after May 24 will not be processed. UK Gambling Commission has advised players to make withdrawal requests because those who don’t make the date will have to recover debts in court.

Gambling Commission explained that when players place a bet, they enter into a contract with operator but once the deadline has passed, customers will have to chase up their debts separately. Commission also explained that there is no guarantee that customers will get all their money back.

Online gaming operator’s problems have started when Paul Bell, director of the 666Bet, was arrested in connection with money laundering and fraud investigation. It didn’t take too long for the Gaming Commission to suspend the company's license but the gaming operator claimed that investigation is not related to 666Bet activities and that no one would suffer financial loss.

However when 666bet license was suspended on March 21, the site went offline without providing any information to its customers except that the site is under maintenance due to the unexpected circumstances. In order to get their money back customers launched online petition that described 666bet as a company of thieves.

Even though customers thought that they will lose thousands of pounds and that company will never return their money, 666bet has finally returned funds to numerous customers.

666bet has now instructed its customers to open an account with the online payment service provider Skrill in order for the company to start processing withdrawals. Gaming Commission said that 666bet revealed that significant number of players were repaid via Skrill.

Troubled online gaming operator is currently unable to respond to individual customer’s queries as they are focused on processing withdrawal requests.

UK Gambling Commission explained that 666Bet is doing everything in their power to return personal funds to their customers even though the site is still unstable. Commission further elaborated that the fact the site is unstable doesn't prevent the company from returning money to its customers.

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