50 More Places Up for Grabs in the HighStakes Challenge

8 months ago
50 More Places Up for Grabs in the HighStakes Challenge
23 Jun

HighStakes are guaranteeing at least another 50 spots in their amazing €1,000 bankroll giveaway. That’s right, you get €1,000 for absolutely nothing. Sure, you need to jump through some hoops, but, of course, it’s well worth it.

Final Week for Applications

Today marks the start of the final week for applications. From June 23rd - June 30th players can register their interest for what is surely the best online poker promotion available today

Where else can you start your poker career with a €1,000 bankroll for nothing?

All players that are accepted, and there will be a minimum of 50 chosen, will start their #HighStakesChallenge together on July 1st and have until September 1st to complete the requirements.

What’s the Catch?

You might get your €1,000 bankroll for free but it’s only fair that  there’s some upside for HighStakes for offering such a deal.

The main catch is that players have two months to turn the €1,000 into €10,000. Simply do that and you get to keep the lot, including any promo cash you pick up along the way.

The  #HighStakesChallenge is available for both cash game and tournament players, although Spins and heads-up poker are prohibited.

If you drop the €1,000 then the challenge is over for you and there’s nothing more to worry about. You've lost nothing.

Some of you might be thinking about going for broke from the outset but there are some strict bankroll requirements to be adhered to.

The following table shows when you are allowed to move up in stakes.

Cash Games
Up to €1 bb
Up to €2 bb
Up to €5 bb
Up to €10bb
Up to €25 bb

Up to €50 buy in
Up to €110 buy in
Up to €215 buy in
Up to €500 buy in

If anything, this rule is only forcing you to play with correct bankroll management which you should be doing at all times anyway.

To give players an incentive to keep pushing when success looks unlikely there is a €500 bonus for players who don’t hit the €10,000 target.

Due to some previous challengers attempting to collect this bonus cash by simply not playing there are now a couple of stipulations. Before you only had to maintain the €1,000, now you must reach a total bankroll of €7,000. Players must also rake €2,000 before September 1st.

Although this final group of players will grind during the same time period there is no competition between them. Everyone has the same individual aim - build a €10,000 bankroll.

The final catch, that really isn’t much of a catch for free €1,000, is that you must stream your exploits on Twitch, tagging the HighStakes Twitter account before you go live. 

All that’s left to do now is to make an account at HighStakes, and get verified by depositing a minimum of $10.

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