HighStakes Offering a Free €1,000 Bankroll

6 months ago
HighStakes Offering a Free €1,000 Bankroll
13 May

With online poker ramping up over the lockdown period there has never been a better time to get stuck in. The problem for many keen poker players is that they simply don’t have the spare funds to be risking right now.

Well, now that’s not an issue because HighStakes are offering you the chance to win a €1,000 bankroll.

Unprecedented  Promo

It’s not that long since HighStakes were offering a €20,000 matched deposit bonus, and now they’ve gone and crushed the bonus biz once again with this amazing offer. 

They will give you a €1,000 starting bankroll and all you have to do is ramp it up to €10,000 in 60 days or less and you get to keep the lot!

What could be more generous than that?

The #HighStakesChallenge includes all formats of poker offered on the HighStakes platform. Tournament poker, including SnG’s but not Spins, and cash games. Heads-up games are also prohibited.

Don’t think that you need to get in quick either, because there is an unlimited supply of €1,000 starting bankrolls.

Why HighStakes?

As a growing poker room HighStakes continues to offer fantastic guarantees. With many of these not being met by the entrants there are countless tournaments with tons of overlay being held day after day.

We can’t impress on you enough how much added value this gives players. It literally is free money.

With the#HighStakesChallenge sure to bring a lot of new players to the server, there is no better time to give them a try

The Rules

The basic idea is simple. You get a free €1,000 starting bankroll and have 60 days to hit €10,000. If you do that the challenge is over immediately and you collect the lot including any promo cash.

If you bust the roll then it’s all over.

If you’re still in the game after the 60 day mark you also lose everything unless you’ve managed to hang onto the starting bankroll. In that case you will get a €500 consolation gift from HighStakes.

Still not a bad profit for some hours spent doing your hobby.

Also, if your motivation to play has been flagging recently then this should perk up your interest quite a bit.

As you might expect, there are a few ground rules to keep in mind. I’m sure you didn’t think you could take the €1,000 and stick it all on red.

There are strict bankroll limits that must be adhered to or else you face instant disqualification.

They are as follows:

Cash Games
Up to €1 bb
Up to €2 bb
Up to €5 bb
Up to €10bb
Up to €25 bb

Up to €50 buy in
Up to €110 buy in
Up to €215 buy in
Up to €500 buy in

If you are successful, to withdraw your profits you must have a fully verified HighStakes account and have made at least the minimum deposit of $10. All withdrawals will be prohibited while the challenge is ongoing.

HighStakes security will also be keeping an eye out for players dropping chips to their friends on purpose. This is not in the spirit of the challenge.

Hopefully you’re also not a shy type as you must stream your exploits live on Twitch and save the videos for public access. You must also have an active Twitter account making sure to remember to tag @HighStakes in an announcement that you are about to go live.

As if all of this opportunity wasn’t enough, all participants will be granted an Agent Account meaning you earn 7% commission on all your sign ups during the promo.

You will have the ability to offer €100 worth of freerolls per week for all of your sign ups, which should make it a bit easier to get your friends involved. 

Tell them that they can get an account up and running with no deposit required and a free €5 dropped into their wallet.

That covers everything, and if you can’t see the ridiculous value in all of this then maybe poker isn’t for you.

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