Chinese High Roller to Sue Crown Casino?

5 years ago
Baccarat Crown Casino
09 Jul

A high roller who lost $17m in less than one week by playing baccarat has decided to sue Crown Casino over a technological defect at one of their baccarat tables.

A Chinese gambler Yu Zhusheng claims that when he placed his final bet of $300,000 he has noticed a problem with the game. The Crown casino allows players to track their progress at baccarat on electronic monitors. Those electronic monitors are displaying the outcome of every hand that has been dealt. In some baccarat players' opinion, there is a system that can be used to beat baccarat even though it is considered a game of luck.

According to the lawsuit filed against Crown casino, Yu claims that he noticed that monitor displayed the outcome of the hand before the decisive card was dealt. When he placed a bet of $300,000, Yu noticed that monitor displayed incorrectly that the house is winning the hand despite the fact that Yu won that hand.

Yu’s lawyers claimed that if their client was aware that the monitor’s representation was untrue he would not have played baccarat at Crown casino and, in turn, would not had lost a substantial amount of money.

One baccarat player who did not reveal his name said that some players believe that they can run system in baccarat, which is absurd. He also added that monitor really had no effect on the outcome of the game play. Baccarat player gave example of a footy match where points were added accidentally on the scoreboard. He explained that even though some points were added that didn’t change the actual winner of the game just like monitor didn’t change the fact that Mr. Yu won.

Spokeswoman for Crown Casino said that when a player at their casino has a problem, casino always investigates the matter. In an event when someone is not satisfied with the outcome, they are referred to the Victorian Commission for Gambling.

Chinese high roller probably wants to get his losses back by suing the casino because monitor has displayed a wrong outcome even though it didn’t influence the actual results of the hand. However spokeswoman for Crown revealed that casino still didn’t receive a notice about any legal proceedings.

Customers' lawsuits against casinos are not that rare. For example, in 2014 gambler from California has decided to sue a Las Vegas casino because he lost $500,000 at Downtown Grand. Mark Johnston claimed that casino loaned him $500,000 and allowed him to gamble even though he was drunk.

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