PokerStars Extends Twitch Reach Signing Partnership with Jaime Staples

4 years ago
Jaime Staples
08 Apr

One of the most popular and influential poker streamers on Twitch apart from Jason Somerville, Jaime Staples, has been signed as a 'Friend of PokerStars' earlier today according to the press release sent out by the company. Through this move, PokerStars continues its campaign to attract new players to the game, which started with signing of Jason Somerville earlier this year and continued with the recent advertising campaign aimed at people completely new to poker.

Twitch has become one of the big poker outlets in the recent period and many are of the conviction that it will greatly help with the expansion of the game and bringing it closer to people with no previous experience.

Jaime Staples, who has built quite a following on Twitch, made his first steps into the poker world after finishing the high school, mostly through competition with his brother. However, his passion for the game kept growing and he turned pro in 2014. Since then, he has had some very significant online scores, the biggest one being the first place in 'Big 109' on Stars, which came in March of this year and boosted his roll with just shy of $20,000.

Q-R:It was a really exciting day, but it has me hungry for one more zero – a six-figure score

After discovering Twitch and deciding to give it a go, Staples, who plays under the online handle 'jamiestaples', gathered the following of almost 21k fans and his biggest win to date happened before the eyes of 4,800 followers.

As a part of his friendship agreement, Staples will regularly stream on his Twitch channel, as he's been doing so far for the most part, but will also make appearance at some of the PokerStars live events.

Jaime is a real believer in Twitch and its power to bring poker to the masses. He compares it to the online poker and the effect it has on hugely increasing popularity of the game.

I really do think Twitch will be an integral part of growing the game. In the same way online poker influenced live poker, streaming on Twitch will revolutionise poker viewing: more hands, fewer commercials and completely on demand. Best of all, there’s no barrier of entry for production.

While Twitch on its own had some very decent foundation to bring about new players, the interest that PokerStars is showing in this latest outlet certainly gives hope for big things down the line. Apart from that, more and more live events are deciding to host their streams on Twitch as well, so who knows, maybe we do live to see another, completely unexpected, poker boom?

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