Harrah's Employee Accused of Stealing Money from a Gambler

5 years ago
Harrah's Casino
04 Jun

A contract janitorial worker at Harrah’s casino was arrested under accusations of stealing $10,000 that a(n) (un)lucky gambler accidentally dropped.

Casino janitor, Richard Ferrer, is currently facing theft charges because he tried to take a bundle of hundred dollar bills that was dropped by gambler.

Douglas County Sheriff Office said that a gambler won about $70,000 at Stateline casino. The gambler didn’t notice that he accidentally dropped $10,000 while he was walking to the elevator.

Ferrer saw an opportunity to take the money but he apparently forgot about the surveillance cameras at the Harrah’s casino. Harrah’s security explained that Ferrer was seen on surveillance cameras, looking at the money on the ground.

Casino janitor noticed money on the ground but instead of calling his supervisor, he swept it up into his dustpan. According to a casino's security official, Ferrer left the casino floor after he swept up the money and went into employee break room.

Every single thing related to this incident was of course caught on the tape. When Ferrer was confronted by the security he admitted that he took the money. However Ferrer told them that he stashed all the money in a garbage can except a single $100 bill.

According to the explanation by Ferrer, he was planning to give all money to his supervisor except $100, that he was planning to keep.

Theft in casino is definitely not that unusual as there are numerous cases where casino workers got arrested for stealing. Last year a former Mystique Casino employee was accused of theft because she stole more than $20,000 worth of customer reward points.

Casino employee Joy Smith worked as a supervisor and oversaw casino’s player club service. Smith had access to player’s club accounts and used her position to convert players’ accumulated points into cash vouchers in order to cash them in and keep the money.

Back in 2003, police reports showed that nearly $62,000 was stolen by Indiana Casino workers in a single month. Such an amount of stolen money is certainly something to be concerned about especially because staff was working under constant scrutiny of security cameras. It seems that despite high security measures, thefts are and will be a part of the casino operations all over the world which, again, is hardly unusual given the amount of cash that flows through a casino on a daily basis.

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