$905,000 Bad Beat Jackpot Hits at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh

4 months ago
Rivers Casino
04 Dec

Yet another massive bad beat jackpot has been hit. This time at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where nearly $1 million was won by a group of small-stakes players, making it one of the largest live poker bad beat jackpots ever.

The lucky recipients were Pennsylvania residents Scott Thompson and Brent Enos, who were playing a NL hold'em cash game.

The bad beat jackpot is a popular promotion in live poker rooms where if a player loses with a very strong hand, they win a share of a jackpot.

At Rivers Casino, the jackpot is triggered when a hand of four of a kind, tens or higher, is beaten by an even bigger hand.

In this particular game, Thompson held quad aces, a hand that would typically guarantee a win. However, in shocking fashion, Enos flipped over a Royal Flush to trigger the bad beat jackpot.

The jackpot, which had reached a staggering $905,622, was then divided among the players. Thompson, despite his “loss”, received the largest share of 40%, amounting to $362,250.

Enos, with his “winning” Royal Flush, took home 30% of the jackpot — a cool $271,686. The other six players at the table each collected a share of $45,281.

Bud Green, general manager at Rivers Casino, said:

“We are unexpectedly and happily becoming a national bad beat jackpot hotspot. Congratulations to our winning guests and to our Rivers Pittsburgh Poker Room Team Members for doing a terrific job.”

This is not the first time Rivers Casino has made headlines with its bad beat jackpot. In August 2022, a $1.2 million jackpot was hit, the largest in US live poker history. In that instance, quad aces also lost to a Royal Flush!

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