Absolute Poker Players to Receive Another $1 Million

3 years ago
Absolute Poker Players to Receive Another $1 Million
30 Mar

While most players have already received reimbursement in the Absolute Poker and UltimateBet remission process, the ordeal is not entirely complete and a recent announcement has revealed that about 450 more petitioners will soon be collecting a combined $1,084,200.97.

So said the latest posting on the official website operated by claims administrator Garden City Group in conjunction with the United States Department of Justice. The approved petitioners - located both within the U.S. and abroad - will soon receive confirmation emails detailing the amount and method of their upcoming payments.

Keep 'Em Coming

This marks the third round of reimbursement for AP and UB players - most of whom had likely written off ever being made whole after the Cereus Network poker sites went offline in 2011 and were initially not included in the remission process for Full Tilt Poker players after PokerStars acquired that company's assets.

But a surprise announcement in 2017 - six long years after the DOJ took aim and shut down the top poker sites servicing the U.S. - revealed that leftover funds from the FTP remission process would go to former AP and UB customers. The poker sites were all part of the same lawsuit filed against them by the DOJ.

The first round of payments were approved in August 2017 and resulted in roughly 7,400 petitioners receiving almost $33.5 million. This humble author was among the recipients.

The second batch of reimbursement was approved by the DOJ's Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section in October 2017 and saw 4,600 more petitioners receive approximately $3.7 million in plenty of time for Christmas. This upcoming third wave of payments brings the total that former AP and UB players will have received to more than $38 million.

The latest update does not specify how many more waves of reimbursement may be forthcoming.

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