ACR Boss Phil Nagy Explains The Day 2 Money Dilemma

3 years ago
ACR Boss Phil Nagy Explains The Day 2 Money Dilemma
07 Dec

Fewer players in the money, but more cash for those that make it. That’s the short version of the slight hiccup facing ACR in their $1million guaranteed OSS tournament, as Phil Nagy took to the airwaves to explain…

‘We have an important announcement regarding the prize distribution of our $215 buy-in multi-day $1,000,000 GTD OSS Tournament’, reads the headline.

WPN’s CEO Nagy goes on to explain that the structure of the event is playing much faster than expected, meaning players will – unusually - hit the cash on day two.

For those not expecting it, there could be some grumbling about how it affected their playing strategy, so Nagy is trying to ‘get in front of this’ potential problem with his explanation.

Day 2 is the money target

“Prizes that exceed the number of players in day two will be distributed evenly among all day two players”, says Phil, adding: “Keep in mind, you must make it to day two to make it in the money”.

That follows the ACR T&C’s, which state for Multi-day tournaments/satellites:

‘If for whatever reason there are more places paid…than the amount of players still in the tournament, we will…divide it evenly among the remaining players.'

With that out of the way, the $1million GTD OSS event has four extra Day1 options on the schedule, making 17 in total – the remaining chances to make it to the money listed below:

  • Sunday, December 8th at 5:30am ET
  • Sunday, December 8th at 9am ET
  • Sunday, December 8th at 7pm ET
  • Wednesday, December 11th at 11am ET
  • Wednesday, December 11th at 6pm ET
  • Thursday, December 12th at 5pm ET
  • Saturday, December 14th at 7pm ET
  • Sunday, December 15th at 9am ET

Last Chance for Venom glory

The currently-running $6million GTD Venom will also be high on the to-do list for ACR players this week, and there are also two more $1million GTD tournaments to come on the schedule.

Check it all out here.

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