Adam Savage's Rounders Poker Chips and Case Replica!

6 months ago
Adam Savage's Rounders Poker Chips and Case Replica!
13 Jan

Serial tester Adam Savage has reviewed his replica set of poker chips as seen in the movie Rounders. The poker themed release, starring Matt Damon, Ed Norton and John Malkovich, has an almost cult following, and is seen as the best poker movie of all time.


Adam Savage freely admits he is obsessed with the movie and has always wanted a set of these chips for himself. He has a YouTube channel with 4.7 million subscribers where he tests all manner of gadgets, and has a clear passion for what he does.

These chips show up on eBay quite frequently where they go for as much as $20-30 per chip - yes, a single chip.

Savage went on a mission to have his own replica chip set manufactured and contacted what he thought was a suitable company. By sheer coincidence, this turned out to be the same company that made the movie props.

Unfortunately, they had promised the movie production team not to make any more identical chips, but Savage was allowed to make only a small change and they would be willing.

When the chip set arrived, Savage felt it was incomplete and he had to come up with a design for a case that Teddy KGB himself would have been proud to walk around with. 

He is now investigating all kinds of additions, such as some cyrillic writing or a Russian customs stamp to give it a feel of authenticity, as well as the idea that anybody who sees the case will know exactly what it is.


Savage was prompted by on of his YouTube subscribers to show his chip set to Rounders script writer Brian Koppelman, and he couldn’t resist asking what Teddy KGB’s final hand in the movie was.

Koppelman was firm in his reply stating that he would “never, ever, ever,” tell anybody what it was.

The video obviously caused some stir because not only were top-draw script writers chiming in on Twitter, the Triton account also enquired if they could get Adam Savage along to take part in one of their events.

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