Amanda Leatherman Calls Out Daniel Negreanu's Sex Game On Twitter

10 months ago
Amanda Leatherman Calls Out Daniel Negreanu's Sex Game On Twitter
11 Jan

We can all understand the feeling of a significant other being unsatisfied. From forgetting their birthday to saying the wrong thing, having an unhappy spouse isn’t all that uncommon. However, imagine your significant other calling out your sex game on a public platform like Twitter.

Now imagine over 500,000 people seeing your wife call you out for not providing her with enough sex. Quite the humiliating series of events. Here’s how it all played out.

The Call Out

It all started when Daniel Negreanu tweeted his daily routine for the month of January shortly after 2021 came to a close. Negreanu is known for letting his fans in on his personal life by vlogging and putting out content like this in the past.

Amanda Leatherman very flippantly replied to the tweet hinting that Kid Poker could squeeze in some more time with her somewhere in the schedule. And when I say “more time,” I mean more sex.

Negreanu took the tweet seemingly well and laughed it off in a reply.

One Tiffany Michelle replied to Amanda’s initial tweet to Daniel stating that instead of evening adult activities, the two should partake in morning sex.

Amanda went on to explain her sexual preferences. According to her, middle of the night sex is “the only surprise [she] likes in life.” This is a problem for the Negreanus, however, as Daniel doesn’t like to be woken up in the middle of the night. In fact, he hates it.

According to Daniel, this part of the night is reserved for quality sleep only.

Does She Mean It?

Although she did make the decision to tweet out private aspects of their relationship, the question remains whether or not she is serious.

Both Amanda and Daniel have a history in the entertainment business. Daniel played on many popular poker shows and landed minor roles in various movies and shows while Amanda has hosted various poker television shows in her career.

The two know how to stay relevant, and perhaps this is a ploy to do just that. Whatever the case, watching it all unfold was entertaining. Aside from the initial replies, it seems like Daniel has little to say publicly about the situation.

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