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Nikk from Western New York is a part-time journalist, a successful tournament poker player, and an avid fly fisherman.

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Five Odd Gambling Superstitions And Their Origins

Gambling superstitions date back thousands of years to ancient times

Las Vegas Police Officer Arrested In Rio Sportsbook Robbery

Caleb Rogers is charged with one count of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of burglary with a firearm, and two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon

UK Man Steals Charity Money To Fund His Gambling Addiction

Manjinder Virdi, a 37 year old UK man, has been sentenced to three years in prison for stealing nearly $300,000 from a medical charity

Doug Polk To Host New Podcast Series Ranking All-Time Poker Player

Since officially “retiring” from his days of high stakes Heads-up Hold’em, Doug Polk has still found ways to stay busy

Superstar DJ Steve Aoki Labels Dan Bilzerian a “Great Player”

To say Steve Aoki is a jack of all trades would be an understatement

Texas Man Ejected From Poker Tournament After Revealing Hidden Rake

Ben Ross was ejected from a tournament after discovering the tournament prize pool did not add up to the total buy-ins for the tournament

Phil Hellmuth Brags About Meeting With Tiger Woods

Hellmuth is always the first one to let you know about his exploits both on and off the poker table

Former NFL Player and Poker Crusher Richard Seymour Elected to NFL Hall of Fame

Richard Seymour’s football legacy was recently cemented as he was elected to be in the National Football League Hall of Fame last week

The Phil Hellmuth Film That Never Happened

According to Phil Hellmuth, a film about his life and journey to poker stardom was in the works over a decade ago in 2004 and again in 2007

Weight Loss Prop Bet Kicks Off Between Doug Polk and Bill Perkins

In a recent tweet, Doug Polk announced that he and notorious prop bettor Bill Perkins have agreed to terms on a body fat loss bet with $200,000 on the line

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ACR Announces Biggest Tournament Series In Its History

America’s CardRoom’s biggest online tournament series is set to kick off Sunday, February 6th

Top 5 Biggest Poker Scandals

From viruses to online sites not paying their users, here are the top five biggest poker scandals

From Stacks to Stories: The Thread Between Poker and Comics

Poker and comics have found themselves intertwined in some of the most popular comic book series

Top 10 Must-See Poker Movies

Here are the top ten movies about poker ranked, according to IMDb