Andrew Neeme's 'F' Word

2 months ago
Neeme's 'F' Word
20 Mar

A poker session at the $2/$5 cash game tables at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa about 15 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip was deemed "uneventful" by poker vlogger Andrew Neeme.

The Michigan native dutifully analyzed a number of poker hands during his stay at Red Rock that found several of his opponents call-happy. No big swings of money won or lost punctuated the session that saw the vlogger leave the casino a modest winner.

From Poker Vlogger to Fashion Outfitter

Perhaps more eventful was Neeme's announcement to his subscribers that he officially launched a clothing line of T-shirts emblazoned with the word his YouTube viewers have come to know and love - favorable. The release was sparked by popular demand and Andrew knows enough to give the public what they want.

However, expanding his reach into the world of fashion was not without its problems as the first batch of merchandise already sold out, forcing some who ordered from Neeme's website to wear unfavorable attire for an additional 7-10 business days before they can dress favorably.

Another issue that developed is that some of Andrew's followers who live abroad where "favourable" is spelled differently feel a bit left out as his current line of clothing is limited to the American way of spelling. Increased demand may require Neeme to rethink his optimal strategy with regard to merchandise wording. He does, however, offer T-shirts in different styles and "colours."

The Dessert

Neeme also takes his viewers out to the middle of the dessert in the dead of night during this vlog, calling it:

"A cool spot that I like to come to sometimes at night and do some nighttime photography."

One more poker hand from the Red Rock session was reviewed to a most pleasing outcome.

Andrew's small pocket pair connected for a set on the turn before materializing into a flush on the river. A modest $320 pot is added to his stack when no players bet on the river.

Uneventful, yet favorable, leading to a profit of $230 for the day.

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