Andrew Neeme

A Michigan-born professional live cash game player that made the move to Las Vegas, Andrew Neeme is best known for his poker vlogs.

A Michigan-born professional live cash game player that made the move to Las Vegas, Andrew Neeme is best known for his poker vlogs that he posts on his YouTube channel. He found online poker whilst working in the music business. Being in an industry that paid ‘no money’, Andrew determinedly built up a bankroll online playing at ‘Bugsy’s Club’ (an online cardroom that no longer exists). Through studying and putting volume in at the tables, he moved up from the micro stakes to play as high as $10/$20. After Black Friday happened for US players, Neeme decided to transition to live poker and made the move to the nexus of gambling – Las Vegas.

 Playing a mix of stakes but predominantly $5/$10, Andrew has grinded the cash games at a variety of Las Vegas establishments since then. In October 2016, he decided to start vlogging his poker journey and posting the videos to YouTube (you can see his very first one here). Less than a year later, Andrew’s poker vlogs have inspired a trend of vlogging amongst the poker community (including the likes of Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk). The production of his videos – from impressive drone shots to exciting first-person camera footage at the poker tables – make Neeme’s vlog the best of its kind (though incidentally, he did have a drone accident in a recent vlog)...

 Since Andrew plays live cash games, his winnings aren’t documented. He did reveal some info on his winnings in a vlog recently, showing that he’s won $36,000 in his 488 hours of playing since starting the vlog, averaging $74.66/hour over the period. With his vlog increasingly taking up his time, Andrew now finds himself splitting more of that time between poker and filming/editing.

When he’s not playing poker or vlogging, Andrew enjoys playing music and is a talented drummer (DRUM SOLO AT 26:26). If his vlogs haven’t shown it already, he’s definitely a creative. He’s passionate about photography, taking part in a challenge on Instagram where he aimed to post one photo per day. The results made for a nice snapshot of Neeme’s lifestyle and his poker journey is one that inspires many others to take it.

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