Antonio Esfandiari Gears Up for Grudge Boxing Bout With Kevin Hart

1 year ago
Antonio Esfandiari Gears Up for Grudge Boxing Bout With Kevin Hart
13 Apr

Long-time high-stake pro Antonio Esfandiari is gearing up for his upcoming boxing challenge against comedian Kevin Hart. The pair hit the headlines last year when it was announced that Esfandiari had accepted 35 to 1 odds to get into the ring with the much fitter Hart. After all he does spend all day sat his backside playing cards, right? 

Esfandiari has had nearly nine months to prepare for the bout and appears to be feeling up to the task, even if he does concede that he’s not the favourite. He said:

“The only advantage I really have is reach and height. So my only chance of winning is to use that to my advantage. I’ll probably take a more defensive approach. I’ll just try and keep my distance and hope that he leaves something open and I catch him with a dirty hook or something.”

The fight will now take place behind closed doors as the original intent of the challenge was fun orientated. Just in case the show turns out to be worth viewing though, Hart has arranged for a professional television crew to be present, but there are no promises that the footage will ever be made public.

The only worries Esfandiari has in the build up are his stamina and his “bigger than average” nose. It certainly is worrying if he is telling the truth about having spent his preparation time lifting weights and doing yoga. Even though the fight is only three rounds of three minutes, that time configuration demands a lot of all-round fitness. 

As for the nose issue, there’s not a great deal that can be done at this stage. It is going to get hit and possibly end up permanently changing shape.

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