Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart made something of a splash in the poker scene, January 2017 when he and PokerStars forged an unholy alliance against those who take the game too seriously.

Kevin Hart is incredibly hard working. In his less than twenty years of on screen acting, he’s racked up 75 acting credits in that time (with just one feature length film rated higher than six-point-something on IMDb: The 40-Year Old Virgin), and managed to write a book and several comedy sets on top of that.

He made something of a splash in the poker scene, January 2017 when he and PokerStars forged an unholy alliance against those who take the game too seriously. He was there to “make poker fun again,” according to PokerStars, and “Sexy again” according to Hart.

The deal seems to have been short term however, since he was not put on their roster of Team PokerStars Pros, instead he played a number of High Roller events including the PokerStars Championship presented by Monte Carlo Casino where he played the €100,000 NLHE event and made day two, but not the money.

This all seems timed so as not to interfere with the publicity campaign for his autobiography which is hit the shelves in June 2017. Since his visits to the felt in Monte Carlo and then later at the ARIA’s Super High Roller Bowl, sponsored by 888Poker, in May 2017. After that he seems to have faded from the Poker scene. No doubt cramming in a few more movies around his stand-up schedule.

He could be back at any time, keep yours eyes peeled for sexy.

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