Are Some Poker Pros Whining, Entitled Snowflakes?

11 months ago
Are Some Poker Pros Whining, Entitled Snowflakes?
06 Mar

There was a bit of a brouhaha on Twitter not long ago that had a number of players commenting and putting in their two cents worth.

The social media ruckus began when Aaron Massey, winner of three WSOP Circuit rings and cashes totaling more than $3.7 million in his career, apparently took offense to being congratulated by a WSOP staff member for a min-cash. Massey posted the following:

From the date of the tweet and by taking a peek at Massey's Hendon Mob resume, we can deduce that the WSOP staffer's attempt at kindness got Aaron riled after a 21st place finish in a $400 buy-in Circuit event that paid $750.

While Massey took offense to being congratulated, there were plenty of players who were offended by his tweet. Allen Cunningham's response was perhaps the most pointed and direct.

Lots of players weighed in, some suggesting that perhaps "nice run" would be a better way for the good folks at WSOP to congratulate min-cashers. But the majority of commenters echoed the sentiments of Cunningham, many wishing for more in the money finishes and the accompanying accolades.

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