Are You Smart Enough To Solve Liv Boeree’s Birthday Cake Puzzle?

3 years ago
Are You Smart Enough To Solve Liv Boeree’s Birthday Cake Puzzle?
10 May

Couples that bracelet together, bake together. Or at least for each other. 

Liv Boeree, one half of poker’s most talented and attractive couple, is not just a physicist, broadcaster and co-winner of a WSOP team bracelet, she also bakes a mean cake and knows her way around a piping bag. Which she put to use on her gentleman friend, Igor Kurganov’s birthday.

Boeree put together a beautiful cake for her him indoors inscribed with a puzzle for her Twitter followers to solve. The value of the mathematical expression equals Igor’s age.

Naturally, the internet was charmed. Not just by the thoughtful cake but the story of why it was also inscribed with the first twenty digits or so of 1/7 as a decimal. The short version, Liv fell for Igor’s description of the number. Proving that a good maths opinion is the way to anyone’s heart.

Some pros were looking to work out exactly how to nail the equation down with mixed success.

While others popped their head up to point out that there is also a sign error, but I think we can forgive a small typo on such an adorable confection.

A happy 30th Igor!

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