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Jon is a freelance writer and novelist who learned to play poker after watching Rounders in year 9. He has been giving away his beer money at cards ever since. Currently he is based in Bristol where he makes sporadic donations to the occasional live tournament or drunken late night Zoom session. He blogs at What Is There to Option?

Articles by Jon Pill

Movie Review: James Caan’s The Gambler

James Caan plays a university professor, Axel Freed, teaching English by day, and gambling it all by night.

Boski Sits Down With The Real 'Knish'

Jeff Boski continues his series of interviews for the PokerTube Youtube channel (click like and subscribe guys), with a session of picking the brains of Vegas cash game pro Michael ‘Knish’ Atkinson.

Tom Dwan is Back!

Tom Dwan didn’t show up on the small screen for most of last year, and going back further, has been largely tied up in various high-stakes cash games in Macau.

Online Poker , 1 week ago

Twitch Poker Needs A Revamp

The last few months have seen something of a decline in the magnetism of Twitch, the poles are weakening and increasingly the really great poker content is moving to YouTube.

Book Review - Devilfish: The Life and Times of a Poker Legend

Poker has crowned many legends in its long and illustrious history, but few, if any, can match the life and times of Dave ‘DevilFish’ Ulliot.

Movie Review - Tazza: The Hidden Card

Tazza: The Hidden Card follows 2006’s Tazza: The High Rollers, but is pretty much a stand alone film centering around the nephew of one of The High Rollers.

The Rant Is Back

Daniel Negreanu's brought back The Rant – a talking head series he used to do in which he covers the current events of the poker world, and lets us know whatever’s on his mind.

Andrew Neeme: Las Vegas Shipments

Getting back from Vegas to find his doormat covered in envelopes, postcards and cardboard boxes Andrew Neeme goes for an unboxing episode in his recent vlog.

Zac Rockwell: California Poker Trip

Zac Rockwell is a Spokane, Washington based grinder who joined the poker vlogging jag back in December, and brought with him two unique selling points.

Daniel Negreanu Talks GSN’s YouTube Crackdown

Game Show Network have recently been at the center of an intellectual property debate, going after a number of vloggers who have used hands from their poker shows.

Phil Ivey Granted Appeal

Ivey has now been granted one final appeal in the Supreme Court, the last gasp left between him and having to give up on his arguably ill-gotten gains barring, perhaps, the intervention of HRH.

Andrew Neeme: Setting Records at Seven Mile Casino

Andrew Neeme’s latest YouTube video starts with a flat tyre and the sweeping adventure of how he gets his wheels back in casino commuting order.

Book Review: Big Deal

Big Deal’s subtitle pretty much says it all: One year as a professional poker player. Anthony Holden decided to write book on the 1980’s poker scene after playing in the 1989 WSOP.

Alec Torelli: How To Play The Nuts

​Alec Torelli’s Hand of the Week this week, takes a look at an interesting hand which was sent in to him by Guido, our hero for the hand.

Valentine’s Day With Neeme & Future Wife

If you’re looking for a break from purely poker related content and fancy something a little more Melrose Place than Rounders, give this vlog a go.