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Jon is a freelance writer and novelist who learned to play poker after watching Rounders in year 9. He has been giving away his beer money at cards ever since. Currently he is based in Bristol where he makes sporadic donations to the occasional live tournament or drunken late night Zoom session. He blogs at What Is There to Option?

Articles by Jon Pill

MythBusters’ Adam Savage Shows You How to Build Teddy KGB’s Rounders Table

Adam Savage, one-time a Mythbuster and forever a movie prop obsessive, has never been quiet about his interest in poker

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MGM Springfield Cheat Uses Trick From The Sting To Beat Poker

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Warwick Mirzikinian To Pay His Victim’s Funeral Costs

Mirzirkinian’s gesture is calculated to sweeten the judge at his sentencing

Phil Ivey Movie Will Be “Tale of Cunning and Revenge”

Variety Releases More Details On the Phil Ivey Movie

US Casinos Finally Make Moves Against Coronavirus

Coronavirus Shuts Down First US Poker Tourney

Lex Live 3 Postponed By Pandemic

Veldhuis announced that Lex Live 3 is postponed thanks to the spectral shadow of Covid-19

Rounders Screenwriter Pushes for Nationwide Online Poker Amid Coronavirus Scare

What Brian Koppelman’s actually proposing is “compassionate use” online poker

Matt Glantz to Contract CoronaVirus for $250K

The idea that poker players are always looking for an angle never looked truer

Shaquille O'Neal Builds Ultimate Poker Treehouse Worth $Millions

Shaq’s Poker Treehouse Is Nicer Than Your Home

Ex-WSOP Exec Calls Players “American Scum” During Twitter Rant

The initial accusations came in the form of a series of screenshots of a group conversation

Jennifer Tilly's $160,000 Bad Beat

Oscar award winner and Bride of Chucky took quite a beating on the poker tables recently

Maria Ho Beaten By Total Amateurs on The Try Guys

The Try Guys most recent episode pits all four tryers against Maria Ho in a five-person tournament

Coronavirus: A Poker Player’s Guide

How To Avoid Coronavirus At Your Local Brick & Mortar