Aussie Matt Kirk Hasn’t Paid his Debts claims Max Silver

4 months ago
Aussie Matt Kirk Hasn’t Paid his Debts claims Max Silver
29 May

HighStakes degenerate Aussie Matt Kirk owes money about town and hasn’t paid up, at least according to English pro Max Silver...

The resurfacing of one of highstakes poker’s most notorious players was bound to be a talking point, the Australian believed to have made a massive fortune in cryptocurrency.

Whether or not he still has much of the reputed $600million in Bitcoin left or not was a big talking point this week as the much-heralded Hustler Casino Live $Million Game dropped its stakes at the last minute.

“Bart just said that they lowered the buyin, for today only, to $500K just to get Aussie Matt in the lineup,” wrote poker fan “Blingatti” on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Silver had apparently done his background check, but wouldn’t name names of who Kirk owed...

Should the rumours prove to be true, it’s a far cry from just a few years ago when Kirk was the one who claimed he was owed money, a drunken late night heads-up battle in Vegas against Leon Tsoukernik leading to $multimillion lawsuits.

Kings Casino boss Tsoukernik, known as “Loose Leon” for his action-style of play, lost $3million to Kirk but only paid back $2million, claiming he was taken advantage of by the Aria owner Bobby Baldwin and Kirk working together.
Those legal battles would eventually be settled out of court, the two men best of friends again a short while later, battling it out in partypoker’s Big Game PLO in Montreal.

How well that went for the pair can be seen in Joey Ingram’s tweet...

Kirk eventually spewed $3.9million, while “Loose Leon” walked off with a $2.8million profit in the highstakes cash game, leaving poker fans to wonder just how deep Kirk’s pockets were.

That question seemed to be answered during the game, when Sam Trickett half-joked that:

“Bitcoin just went up so you're pretty much even ... it just went up $100”.

Kirk made a “seal your lips” gesture to Trickett, which didn’t go unnoticed by John Duthie in the commentary booth, and the Matt Kirk crypto legend had grown another limb.

Now that Silver has broken the seal on potential debts, it’s likely that details will start to emerge as to who is owed.

Unfortunately, if whoever it is was banking on Kirk pulling out a $million payday on the HCL show to settle up, they were sadly mistaken. Kirk spunked another $500k into the poker ether, aided by a 56%VPIP number that put even the looser action players to shame…

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