Behind the Scenes with Fedor Holz - WCOOP Main Event Winner

6 years ago
Behind the Scenes with Fedor Holz - WCOOP Main Event Winner
01 Oct

PokerStars Blog published an interesting interview with the WCOOP Main Event winner who goes under his online alias ‘CrownUpGuy’. The PokerStars interview takes a ‘behind the scenes’ look and tries to answer some questions about who the man filling the titles of different poker news portals last couple days really is. We are bringing you a short summary of the conversation.

His real name is Fedor Holz, a young player hailing from Germany, and this is not his first important success, although in terms of money won, it is his by far his biggest cash. Fedor’s first big breakthrough came earlier this year during the anniversary EPT Barcelona Series where he won the €2K side event for €43,750, made another final table, and cashed in both the Main Event and the High Roller. For the young German, winning a tournament of this size and magnitude was, of course, an experience that can hardly be compared to anything else. His first comment on the Twitter after shipping the whole thing reflected this quite well.

As the Day 1 was coming to a conclusion, apart from having a big stack in the Main Event, Holz also successfully navigated the Big $109 field to take a third place, reinforcing his confidence going into the Day 2 of the Main. Although his run had some rollercoaster properties, ‘CrownUpGuy’ didn’t really notice it, as he was playing a lot of tables, but he made it to the final table just fine. Eliot ‘Crazy Elior’ Sion

The German explains that he started taking poker seriously some two and a half years ago and spent basically all of his online grind time playing on Poker Stars. The money won in WCOOP Main means a lot, as it enables him to buy his family a house in Germany.

But after all I became who I am right now because of those guys I met on my way. For us it's not just a game, it's sharing a dream. Some of them became my closest friends and my idols in life.

Staying humble in victory, Fedor explained that, although his family never really had much money, it never mattered too much to him as he was surrounded by love. He decided to give the poker a shot, travelling with his friend, even though he did not have much money on him – and he describes it as the best decision he could have made.

You can find the full interview with the latest star on the poker sky at Poker Stars Blog.

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