Bellagio Poker Room Robber Dies, Suspected of Same Crime in 2017

3 years ago
Bellagio Poker Room Robber Dies, Suspected of Same Crime in 2017
20 Mar

An attempted armed robbery at the Bellagio poker room last Friday ended with the suspect dead after a shootout with Las Vegas police. Authorities are almost certain the perpetrator was the same man who successfully robbed the casino in 2017.

The dead man has been identified as 49-year-old Las Vegas resident Michael Charles Cohen. His rap sheet lists previous convictions for bank robberies, as well as a slew of arrests on a variety of charges that include kidnapping and carjacking, LVRJ reported.

Cohen's fatal attempt at robbing the poker cage was thwarted when he left the casino and attempted to drive off in a white Mercedes Benz from the valet area, but the unoccupied car was without ignition keys. He next attempted to getaway in a black BMW driven by a female, but there were a handful of police officers already on the scene investigating a missing persons case and the cops heard about the robbery on a radio broadcast and quickly identified Cohen as the suspect.

After refusing orders to surrender, Cohen shot at a police officer with a handgun. A bulletproof vest protected the officer from serious injury.

While attempting to flee on foot, Cohen was shot in the head by officer Joaquin Escobar. He died at the hospital the next day.

Authorities stated that Cohen wore identical glasses, black beanie and hoodie that he did in the 2017 robbery. He also had similar bandages on his face in both robberies.

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