Bellagio Armed Robber Misses $200K Sitting on Poker Table in Bobby's Room

5 years ago
Bellagio Armed Robber Misses $200K Sitting on Poker Table in Bobby's Room
01 Dec

The recent robbery of the poker room cashier cage at the Bellagio in Las Vegas reportedly netted the masked bandit $35,000 in cash.

Not bad for a day's work, I suppose, if you happen to be a criminal who analyzes the risks and rewards of pulling off such a heist. One would assume that the robber staked out the scene in advance of the holdup, determining that his best plan of action was to go where he figured he could get the most money.

Isn't that how robbers think?

As it turns out, the thief apparently didn't do his homework very well. Just 30 feet from the Bellagio poker room cashier cage, high stakes cash game pro players were competing against one another and had a small fortune on the table.

Poker Hall of Famer Doyle Brunson, a Bobby's Room regular, was among the players seated in the famous nosebleed action poker room when the crime occurred. Brunson took to social media to inform his fans that the robber missed out on an even bigger payday by focusing on the cashier cage when he easily could have made off with about six times more money by robbing the Bobby's Room players.

That tweet received a number of replies from Brunson followers who felt that the octogenarian poker pro should perhaps refrain from disclosing such information.

"Don’t give anyone bad ideas; the world is crazy enough!" posted Cynthia Crosby.
"Might not be a good thing to advertise," stated Chris Christensen.

Which calls to mind a tweet that Brunson posted following the mass shooting in Las Vegas that claimed the lives of 58 innocent people two months ago:

Maybe the Bellagio gunman was smart after all. Texas Dolly and his high stakes poker-playing friends may have been packing heat.

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