Bet365 Settles Megan McCann Case On ‘Favourable Terms’

7 months ago
Bet365 Settles Megan McCann Case On ‘Favourable Terms’
18 Jun

The long-standing £1million betting saga between Bet365 and student Megan McCann has seen the court case abruptly discontinued – just days before a Royal Courts of Justice hearing was due to take place in Belfast – with rumours that a ‘settlement favourable to ’the bookmaker’ had been reached.

The case has become infamous in Irish betting circles after bookmaking giants Bet365 refused to pay out £984,833 to McCann following her £24,960 each-way Lucky15 bet came home in 2016.

The following year McCann launched legal action against the bookie, suing them for breach of contract and claiming that Bet365 ‘engaged in practices that were "unconscionable, exploitative and unlawful".

Bet365 had claimed that the then 18-year old student’s original stake had been provided by a third party, contravening the firm’s terms and conditions. It also refused to refund McCann’s almost £25,000 stake.

The latest preliminary discussion in the case was due to be heard on Friday, June 14, at Belfast’s highest court, but on Wednesday there came confirmation that an official “notice of discontinuance” in the case had been lodged by McCann’s legal team.

Her legal team is headed by Andrew Montague, who has been unavailable for comment as he is ‘currently on holiday with legendary gambler Barney Curley in Marbella’ according to press reports.

Quite what the settlement terms are is unknown, but sources close to the case have remarked that they were ‘favourable to Bet365’.

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