Bitcoin Casinos Match Poker’s Biggest Crypto Wins

2 weeks ago
Bitcoin Casinos Match Poker’s Biggest Crypto Wins
30 Dec

With the price of Bitcoin going through the roof this month, one question on many player’s lips is where can I find a bitcoin casino legal for me to play on, and how much can I potentially win?

Cryptocurrency casinos and cardrooms have been available online for a number of years now, with many doing business in both virtual and fiat currencies.

Poker players will mostly know that Winning Poker Network – who make 95% of their payouts in crypto -  cracked the $1million Bitcoin payout barrier when Rafael ‘TheBigKid’ Moraes took down the ACR Venom tournament for $1,050,559 last year.

The Brazilian’s Bitcoin bonanza matches up well with many of the biggest wins in other casinos games, with Bitcoin slots often featuring among the biggest payouts.

In 2017, one lucky player of TrollHunters, a slot game based on Nordic-legend, bagged herself a 1000 ROI from a 0.16BTC stake, the 160 BTC win amounting to $4,240,000 at today’s prices.

Not content with such a massive win, the winning female player added another 56BTC to her tally  - the single session costing about $200 and cashing out for roughly $4.1million at the time, worth $5,724,000 today!

Although luck is a big factor in many games, and Bitcoin casino games are no different from their bricks and mortar and fiat currency counterparts, some games also reward skill very well indeed!

Playing Live Dealer Roulette at a Bitcoin casino netted one smart punter a whopping 53 BTC in 2018, a combination of clever betting strategy and knowing when to stop amounting to a $340,000 win.

The slots version of Live Dealer Roulette saw a single spin turn into almost 50BTC, some extra luck boosting that total to 87 BTC for their searing hot session – some $2.3million if they’ve held on to it.

Yet another slots win saw a Finnish player pocket close to €1million during a three-day sun-run, her 206 BTC swag worth €950,000 at last year’s prices.

Naturally, although the wins can be massive, and high stakes Bitcoin games are available for those who have the moolah, it doesn’t have to cost a Bitcoin fortune to play.

Most Bitcoin casinos have games that cost a small fraction of a Bitcoin to play, just 0.001 BTC for example, and crypto poker-specific sites obviously offer all the usual stakes that any poker player would need.

For those who have never thought about it, the question of why use Bitcoin or other crypto sites is fairly simple. Transactions are cheaper and faster (Bitcasino for example average about 1½ minutes per transaction!) and generally much more reliable. For others, it’s the confidentiality that comes with Bitcoin and its crypto colleagues, with transactions untraceable.

That being said, there is a difference between Bitcoin casinos and casinos that accept Bitcoin – and the former is where your anonymity is assured.

The WPN example above sees them buy $100million of crypto every month to use for payouts, but they are not a pure ‘Bitcoin cardroom yet’. Many others are doing similar volumes of trade, so although crypto is volatile, it’s far from an unusual or dangerous.

If you’re wondering what the law says on Bitcoin use in poker and general casino gambling around the world, you can check out the basics at the link in the opening paragraph.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to play Bitcoin casinos, and plenty of places to do so. Who knows, you could be the next big Bitcoin jackpot winner!

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