Blumstein Blows Haters Away With Classy Response After Early Bustout

2 years ago
Blumstein Blows Haters Away With Classy Response After Early Bustout
03 Jul

Defending champion Scott Blumstein may have seen his Main Event hopes dashed with an early error on day one of the World Series of Poker’s flagship event, but his true class shone through when he failed to rise to a Twitter troll who accused him of ‘donking off his chips’ with ‘horrible poker’

Stars of the game were also quick to come to Blumstein’s defence, Daniel Negreanu pointing out that Blumstein was a ‘target’ this year, joining the other big boys with a ‘bragging bounty’ on his head…

For those who didn’t catch Blumstein’s quick exit from the event he won for $8,150,000 last summer, he tangled with Brian Yoon on level three last night. Here’s how described the Morristown, New Jersey man’s unfortunate bust-out…

“Blumstein raised to 800 and Yoon three-bet to 3,700 in late position, which Blumstein called. On the 6♦ 4♣ 4♠   flop, Blumstein check-called a bet of 3,000 and did so again on the 3♠ turn for 10,000. The 2♠ appeared on the river and Blumstein checked with 27,350 behind. Yoon moved all in and Blumstein called it off with the 10♣ 10♦ only for Yoon to turn over A♠ J♠ for the back door nut flush.”

Horrible poker or not, everyone makes mistakes when under pressure and Blumstein has proven over the last year to be one of the most likeable and professional Main Event champions of all time, as evidenced by the support he got from all quarters…

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