Bonomo’s One Drop Deal With Holz Causing Concern

2 years ago
Bonomo’s One Drop Deal With Holz Causing Concern
22 Jul

Justin Bonomo’s honesty concerning his ‘$10million’ Big One for One Drop heads-up deal at the World Series of Poker last week has raised a number of questions among backers and fans of the newly-crowned ‘winningest tournament player of all time’.

Bonomo also revealed the amount he raised for charity with his 5% mark-up (usually reserved for expenses or similar in staking deals) which added another $75,000 to Cirque du Soleil Guy Laliberte’s One Drop Foundation, but it’s the deal which is raising concerns…

…although the majority of his backers, and even high-profile fans, were happy to support Bonomo’s decisions across the board…

Although mark-up is common knowledge in the poker staking world, the effect of deals and chops are less clear, most never seeing the light of day, occasionally leading to problems as here…

The maths behind the deal was no clearer to some even after being explained…

…and there were even those calling for his backers to take legal action

…,but hopefully Bonomo’s clarity and charity will enable people to see this for what it is – part and parcel of poker-staking, and a great victory and success for all involved.

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