Brad Garrett Stars in Poker Night in America S05 E13

4 years ago
Brad Garrett Stars in Poker Night in America S05 E13
22 Jul


He bought in for the minimum of $5,000, but comedian and Hollywood celebrityBrad Garrett wanted to know what it was like to be sitting on a big stack of chips so he requested them all in red.

The "Everybody Loves Raymond" star got his wish and commenced with joke making during the $25/$50 cash game hosted by Poker Night in America at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida last August. His tablemates were gracious in allowing Garrett to toss out his barbs and sometimes hold up the flow of the game in so doing, as its not everyday that you're treated to a stand up routine while seated and playing poker.

That routine included calling Jason Mercier "Gilligan" for the way he was dressed  - a white hat similar to the stylings of Bob Denver's character on the 1960s TV sitcom "Gilligan's Island." Mercier took it in stride, perhaps knowing that he would likely be taking Garrett's money in addition to his jokes.

Pocket Pair Showdown

"I don't like being bullied," Garrett said to Kyle Bowker, when Kyle came over the top and re-raised the $200 bet of Garrett and $700 of Ryan Fee pre-flop. After a couple more jokes, Garrett folded his A-10 and watched as Fee shoved all-in for $10,175 with pocket tens and was called by Bowker's pocket queens.

The better starting hand held up and Bowker scooped a pot of $20,625. That followed a previous hand that saw Bowker connect with two pair on the turn to crack the pocket aces of Brandon Adams and win more than $17K.

Adams, the author of four books including "Broke: A Poker Novel" and his latest release entitled "Personal Organization for Degenerates" also received some good-natured ribbing from Garrett. Adams was the best-dressed player at the table, and likely the smartest considering that he taught economics courses at Harvard for almost a decade.

Hollywood Showdown

The jokes subsided when Garrett was involved in a hand with Jennifer Tilly. The Hollywood stars battled heads-up until the river as Garrett hit top pair on the flop and bet $600, then checked the turn when the board paired up. Tilly bet $1K with air on the turn and folded fifth street after the 6-foot 8-inch comedian led out with a $600 bet.

The result was a $4,475 pot for Garrett, an amount just shy of his career earnings in live tournament action. That total is $4,548 following a boost of $833 last month after Raymond's TV brother recorded his first ever cash in a WSOP event, 2,227th place in The Colossus III that had 18,054 entries.

Garrett, surprisingly enough, is listed on Wikipedia and other places on the Internet as a professional poker player in addition to his acting and stand up comedy pursuits. That's likely just another joke tossed out there by the 57-year-old with the booming voice.


There was no joking when a quadruple straddle was in play, meaning that Bowker re-straddled to $800 after the straddles of Fee ($100), Tilly ($200), and Mercier ($400). There was $1,575 in the pot before players looked at their cards.

Folds around to Tilly saw her re-raise to $3,000, met by a call from Bowker, who felt obligated to defend his quad straddle with ace-rag. The flop prompted Tilly to lead out with $6,000 in a $6,575 pot, causing Bowker to toss his cards into the muck. Tilly's hand? She was bluffing all the way with 9-2, perhaps her best move ever on PNIA.

Bitter End

Garrett's day at the poker table came to an end when he couldn't let go of big slick despite not connecting on the flop. An attempt to push Mercier off the hand by shoving all-in for just shy of $7K didn't work, as Mercier wasn't going anywhere with pocket queens.

"Gilligan" scooped the $18,775 pot and finished the session up $12,250, yet another nice profit at a PNIA cash game for Mercier. Joining Jason on the positive side of the ledger were big winner Kyle Bowker (+$16,225) and Tilly (+$6,025).

Garrett lost his $5K buy-in, while Eric Wasserson (-$4,150), Brandon Adams (-$11,875), and Ryan Fee (-$13,750) also ended up in the red.

Jason Mercier+$12,250
Kyle Bowker
Jennifer Tilly
Brad Garrett


Eric Wasserson
Brandon Adams
Ryan Fee

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