Brad Owen Banned From Filming In The Bellagio

11 months ago
Brad Owen Banned From Filming In The Bellagio
10 Aug

Brad Owen, who started vlogging around eight months ago is the latest in a number of players who’ve run into trouble over the varying policies from casino to casino regarding the use of cameras on their premises.

In his most recent vlog, halfway through his session of $5/$10 at the Bellagio the action pauses as he has “a conversation [he’d] been expecting for a while now.” The floor manager with infinite patience and courtesy pulled him aside and told him he could film wherever he liked, but not the poker room.

The Bellagio’s Future Plans for Filming

That isn’t the end of the story though. The floorman does suggest Owen joining the live stream, which the Bellagio pumps out from time to time, and possibly putting together a waiver that would protect the casino from “any liability.”

For the moment though, the Bellagio is done as a vlogging location for Owen. Not that this is much of a restriction; as a Las Vegas resident Brad Owen is just a few hundred metres as the vulture flies from another card room with another set of rules. This week that card room was over at Caesar’s Palace. Tomorrow, who knows?

Other Rooms Other Times

It is the case that other vloggers have been running into the same sorts of problems and although there is no clear consensus at the moment (some places seem to embrace the publicity, others worry about the liability, or may just be receiving complaints).

Given that Owen has almost 30,000 views and counting on this video alone, and that he is far from being the only one filming hole cards at the moment, it will be interesting to see if there is some sort of consensus between card rooms about how best to deal with vlogging.

For the moment though it is down to the filmer to check with the filmee that it is all above board.

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