Brandon Cantu Attacks Daniel Negreanu on Twitter

1 month ago
Brandon Cantu Attacks Daniel Negreanu on Twitter
12 May

As if poker didn’t have enough real drama and grudge matches to be getting on with, this week saw serial poker debtor Brandon Cantu taking several random swipes at Daniel Negreanu – who countered in classic style...

Cantu is a close friend of Phil Hellmuth, and the recent High Stakes Duel matches between the Poker Brat and DNegs seems to have left the 40-year-old Washington State born pro feeling sadly sidelined.

Cantu also tweeted:

“Here’s where it’s gets good...@RealKidPoker...I will make sure my infinite $ is put up by my big money crew and your 100M or whatever you are worth these days by your lucky 1/4 of 1% of @PokerStars share stock you had to get rich. (Not from poker you’re a joke)”

Despite the clear and unwarranted attacks on Negreanu, Cantu was the one to accuse DNegs of getting personal.

“Oh silly Negreanu always go so personal...I say you aren’t a great hu player so minor and callus. Then you aways try 2 make things personal. Lol by scammed, robbed. you mean borrowed above my means as high stakes poker player 8 yrs ago. Guilty as charged.”

Negreanu was quick to counter lest the poker community think Cantu had righted all his wrongs.

“That’s not how those you stole from, scammed, and robbed would put it but “ok” You borrowing money from anyone to play poker is akin to theft. You never had a shot to hold on to any money. Destined for brokedom from birth. Monday: Brandon wins big playing open face and collects from Euro player Tuesday, loses it back... and 7 years later hasn’t paid a cent. That’s next level scummy move dude. Special shit there.”

US pro Daniel Weinman also had problems collecting from Cantu, tweeting back in 2017 about a $50k OFC debt owed him, but Cantu again tried to turn the tables, saying:

“Yes, I owe you money and I intend to pay. Shame on you for going public, thought you had more class than Shaun Deeb!”

It was a similar story with money he owes Jason Mercier, and there are likely countless others down the years who have struggled to see a cent of their loans and or winnings paid by Cantu.

So, we’re unlikely to see any kind of showdown between DNegs and Cantu at the tables, but there’s plenty of action to look forward to in the real world of poker, with Negreanu still looking to avenge his double Duel defeat to big Phil.

We’ll have more on that third and potentially final encounter soon, so watch this space!

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