Catholic Nuns Run It Up in Vegas with $500,000 of Stolen Money

1 year ago
Catholic Nuns Run It Up in Vegas with $500,000 of Stolen Money
17 Dec

Two California nuns stole $500,000 in Catholic School tuition fees to gamble in Las Vegas. The figure came out after an internal audit of the past six years though experts say the final tally could be much higher

Sister Kreuper, the school principal, would take tuition checks given to her by the parents and deposit them into a secret bank account. She would then call her friend, Sister Cheng, and they would both go on expensive gambling vacations to Las Vegas. 

They would’ve gotten away with it too, if not for a parent asking for a copy of a check given to the school, noting Kreuper deposited it into a different bank account

The Archdiocese that oversees this school decided not to press charges, originally they stated it was because “the nuns said they’re sorry”, but it later came out that the order the pair belongs to offered to pay back the school in full, presumingly in exchange of keeping their sisters out jail. 

Nevertheless, this decision angered the parents whose money Kreuper and Chang stole to donate to casinos and poker players all over Las Vegas. The parents previously demanded the school to raise teachers' salaries and do proper maintenance, but Sister Kreuper shamelessly told them the private school lacked the funds for it.

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