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Latin American Poker and Film Blogger. When he's not playing Stud 8, he's complaining that not many people play Stud 8.

Articles by Jose Aguilar

Top Woman Poker Players Redefining the Game

Join us as we celebrate the trailblazing achievements of women revolutionizing the world of poker. Discover how these fearless players are breaking barriers, shattering norms, and employing game-changing tactics to emerge victorious in the game. Get ready to unravel the untold tales of poker queens!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Meets Poker in Hilarious Animated Short

Yugi Muto is invited to a poker home game by a co-worker

Johnnie Vibes Gets The Last Laugh on Shaun Deeb

Johnnie Vibes proved Shaun Deeb and other doubters wrong and won a prop bet at the same time

Liv Boeree Launches New Science YouTube Show

Liv Boeree premieres a new science web series on her personal YouTube channel

Neymar and Akkari, Two Of Brazil’s Best United By Their Love Of Poker

Akkari started playing poker and talking hands with the footballer, eventually entering his inner circle

Andrew Neeme Unboxes His Silver Play Button

An award recognizing a YouTube channel that reaches over 100k subscribers

YouTube Republish Poker Videos

YouTube restored Jaime Staples’ videos and removed the strike on Gripsed Poker

Was Sam Soverel’s Fold a Mistake or an Angle and Does It Even Matter?

Controversy at the final table of the WSOP $50k High Roller

YouTube Cracks Down On Poker Videos

In the very same evening, three big poker YouTubers had videos taken down

Poker Power Couple: Daniel Negreanu and Amanda Leatherman’s Wedding Pictures

Daniel Negreanu and Amanda Leatherman got married in a ceremony at the Terranea Resort in California

Cat Valdes Apologizes For Accidentally Cheating In Poker Tournament

Cat saw herself in the middle of a Twitter storm

Phil Galfond Debuts On Twitch Poker

Galfond has decided to take a stab at poker Twitch streaming

Three Great Pieces Of Poker Advice You Can Take From Marle’s Vlog

Marle Cordeiro shared her poker journey on her YouTube channel

How Different Was The Rounders Script To The Final Cut?

Brian Koppelman recently released the script he sent to talent agencies when casting Rounders