Celina Lin Talks Poker and Macau

5 years ago
Celina Lin Talks Poker and Macau
20 Mar

Macau’s casino industry is certainly going through some rough times, but according to PokerStars Team Pro Celina Lin, poker in Macau has continued to bring well-known players to the city. Known as "China's Queen of Poker," Lin sat down with Business Insider to talk about her poker career and explained what it's like to play professionally in Macau.

Lin was born in Shanghai and spent her childhood in China before she moved with her family to Australia. She fell in love with poker accidentally. While in Melbourne in 2004, Lin's friend convinced her to visit the Crown Casino. Celina explained that while she was playing poker that night she had no idea what she was doing but somehow managed to win a lot of money. After that, she became interested in the game and started to read and study everything that she could find about poker.

Within only three weeks Celina built up her online bankroll to about $10,000 and has never looked back since. She decided to travel to tournaments around the world and it wasn't long before she was able to turn pro. In 2009, Lin made history by becoming the first female to win the Macau Poker Cup in the Red Dragon Main Event and won the prize of $110,077. Three years later, Lin went on to repeat that success and became the first player to ever nab two Red Dragons.

According to Celina, it‘s more expensive to gamble in Macau than in America or Australia due to the higher stakes and buy-ins. Most poker rooms start at $1/$2 stakes, while in Macau they start at $3/$6 even though the difficulty of the game remains pretty much the same.

Macau, a great place for fun, is surrounded by temptations that can easily turn a winning player into a losing one, so it’s very important to stay disciplined. Celina believes that the worst thing a player can do is to play through the unlucky times when cards are against you. During those times, discipline is the factor that separates an amateur from a professional.

Lin also expounded on how she feels as a female player in a male-dominated industry. Gender aside, the Asian beauty's goal is to be the best, and the player who takes home the trophy.

Lin currently lives in Macau where her career can flourish due to the exceptional tournaments hosted there year-round. She is happily married to a husband who is very supportive and doesn't hold her back in her poker career. According to the Global Poker Index, Celina ranks fourth in China overall and is first among the country’s female players.

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