Chance Kornuth Vouches for Dan Bilzerian Making Millions Playing Poker

1 month ago
Chance Kornuth Vouches for Dan Bilzerian Making Millions Playing Poker
01 Mar

The debate over whether or not Dan Bilzerian's claim of winning more than $50 million playing poker has swung heavily in favor of the King of Instagram after Chance Kornuth told an amazing tale via social media.

Many poker players and fans have long doubted that Bilzerian's wealth comes from the felt, pointing instead to his father, Paul, a Harvard Business School graduate who made a fortune in real estate and business dealings that included several corporate takeovers.

While Bilzerian likely benefited from family wealth, his boast on the Howard Stern Show almost a decade ago that he won $50 million in 12 months time via high stakes poker games has garnered some newfound credibility. Well-respected poker pro Chance Kornuth told the following story on Twitter:

So there you have it. Of course, Kornuth didn't actually witness Bilzerian winning $10.8 million in one session. But there is an air of believability about the social media star's ability to get the best of a whale at the poker table.

For those who would like further assurance that Bilzerian's wealth is at least partially due to finding the right nosebleed action, take a look at the video below in which Daniel Negreanu gives his take on the matter:

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