The Day Dan Bilzerian Won $12.8 Million in a Poker Game

4 years ago
The Day Dan Bilzerian Won $12.8 Million in a Poker Game
20 Oct

The infamous internet playboy Dan Bilzerian has spoken about the day he won the most on poker in a single day - according to himself, he once left the table $12.8 million richer.

Bilzerian - who undoubtedly has seen phenomenal success on social media, with his Instagram account alone boasting of almost 25 million followers - is sticking to his claim that he’s made his fortune playing cards. This was one of the rare occasions when he goes into specifics about his poker career.

He appeared on the online interview series In Depth with Graham Bensinger, where he was asked about the most money he had ever won on poker.

“I think it was like 12.8 [million dollars], but it was over the period of three games. (...) I was sitting with like over 18 million, because I bought in for some money. (...) I think I had lost, initially, then I rebought. (...) We’re playing No-Limit Hold’em, and we’re playing heads-up and the blinds are $10,000/$25,000, so it’s, you know, a real big game.”

It’s a real big game indeed - in fact, even just the big blind in this alleged crazy high stakes cash game is bigger than the minimum buy-in ($20K) at the world’s most famous known high stakes cash game, at Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio.

Later in the interview, Bilzerian shared another crazy gambling story, starring the same millionaire he played his high highly lucrative series of heads-up cash sessions against.

“He just decided that for an hour he wasn’t gonna look at his cards. (...) You can’t read somebody who doesn’t know what the fuck they have. But yeah, then he decided he wanna start betting in like, physical things, like a Mercedes, or Ferrari, whatever.”

So we now have a few interesting tales of Bilzerian at the poker table, he still rarely plays  publicly - although last year he did stream some online heads-up cash from Bill Perkins’ account.

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