Charlie Carrel Threatens to Sue Doug Polk over ‘Defamatory’ Video?

1 year ago
Charlie Carrel Threatens to Sue Doug Polk over ‘Defamatory’ Video?
09 Aug

YouTube personality Doug Polk sparked off a new Twitter spat with Charlie Carrel this week, a thinly-disguised attack on the English highstakes pro resurrecting their fallout earlier this year and leading to possible legal action

The linked hand-history video in which Polk dissects Carrel’s play is still viewable, of course, Polk’s sarcastic tweet just another shot in their long-running Twitter flame war…

Carrel had just won the Triton Poker £50k event this week when he was confronted with the part-amusing/part-personal attack video, with Polk focusing attention on Carrel’s charity, Abundance.

That, it seems, is the main bone of contention for Carrel – the young Englishman accusing Polk of lying and defamation

…which Polk refuted in his responses, the pair going to-and-fro around notions of what is morally reprehensible and what is illegal…

The duo have previous, of course, Polk taking serious issue with Carrel’s now-deleted tweet that child molesters should be shown ‘more empathy and love’ in order to prevent them acting on their desires.

That prompted Carrel into a lengthy video response…

…and seemed to set the tone for future spats, this week’s exchange finishing (for now, at least) with Polk in typically savage mood, his tweet the same as the one that sparked April’s feud…

Legal action on such slight pretences is highly unlikely, of course, defamation suits proving lengthy and expensive, but it seems that Polk’s crass pettiness and Carrel’s overly-sensitive nature are doomed to repeat past mistakes.

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