CHOKER Launch New Game Combining Chess and Poker

3 years ago
CHOKER Launch New Game Combining Chess and Poker
27 Nov

We’ve recently seen Daniel Negreanu, Bill Perkins, Charlie Carrel and many other poker pros express their love of chess, but how do you think they’d fare at CHOKER, the newest game where the worlds of chess and poker collide?

Described as a game in which ‘players need cunning and cool calculation to claim victory', the free-play CHOKER™ has just been released worldwide on iOS and Android.

The Mixed Mind Sport game rolls the ‘bluff, street smarts and unpredictability of poker’ and the ‘pure skill and knowledge-based game of chess’ into one.

The result is an ‘unfathomably deep game that requires new divergent skills’.

The rules of CHOKERâ„¢ are fairly straightforward to anyone who has played both games, and easy to pick up for anyone who knows either, with three game phases:

  1. BET: You begin with just a King and a Pawn on the chess board! You then bet on the five cards depicting your additional chess pieces.
  2. PLACE: Now you have to place your pieces in special drop zones on the chess board. Choose wisely and work out a strategy to combine your forces.
  3. CHESS: Once all your pieces are on the chess board, you play real chess, the idea being to outplay your opponent and win the pot.

Award-winning games maker, Andrew Finan, the CEO of Queenside Games, came up with the brilliant chess/poker combo after he realised he would never take down the world’s best chessplayers at the 64-square game alone.

After organising the 1995 World Chess Championships between world champion Gary Kasparov and his Indian challenger Vishy Anand, the idea of CHOKERâ„¢ came to him in a flash of genius.

It took only minutes to sketch out the basics, but a little longer to come up with the gameplay that makes CHOKERâ„¢ special.

Just as in chess and poker separately, there are multiple options for playing online, with leaderboards and different levels and time controls:

With Multiple Game Modes, Ranks and Titles and the option of Speed CHOKER, the possibilities are almost endless – and Queenside Games are hoping to tap into the hundreds of millions of players across both games.

You can check out CHOKERâ„¢ on its various platforms by following the links below. Let us know how you get on!

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