CoinPoker Expands Reach By Developing Relations in Asia

2 years ago
CoinPoker Expands Reach By Developing Relations in Asia
09 Apr

A recent journey through Asia by the CoinPoker executive team has resulted in some big developments, with details expected to be released later this month.

CoinPoker is the newest cryptocurrency-based poker site built on blockchain technology that aims to change the dynamics of online poker via trust and transparency for its players. A successful ICO a couple of months ago and lots of attention from the poker media has resulted in a huge increase in popularity for CoinPoker as the poker room prepares for its official launch from the current Beta app.

Connections in China

The team's visit to several Asian countries was the next logical step in capitalizing on that popularity. Its first stop was China where a key business partner, ValueNet Capital, provided a warm Asian welcome.

ValueNet Capital co-founder Sonic Zhang, whose expertise in blockchain projects includes investments in the cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) as well as a stake in the Binance crypto exchange, expressed his optimism regarding CoinPoker's future in China. Although the Chinese government has put the hammer down on crypto-mining and aims to maintain control of virtual currencies, much of the populace in China seems prepared to embrace CoinPoker's concept of crypto-based poker.

Pinoy Poker Plans

After China, the next stop was Manila in the Philippines and discussions with top executives of the Asian Poker Tour (APT). The APT has been around for a decade, hosting tournament action in countries across the continent.

Ways of combining crypto poker with APT action was the main topic of conversation in Manila. A collaboration at some future date looks like a pretty good bet at this point in time.

South Korea and Japan are Crypto Hotbeds

Investing in cryptocurrencies is huge in both South Korea and Japan. The CoinPoker team touched base with crypto communities in the former and was able to gauge the interest behind the growth of its own digital currency, CHP, among South Koreans.

The final stop was Japan and some brainstorming with members of the Japanese Poker Federation. The CoinPoker crew have let it be known that "plenty of interesting events" that include the Japanese are on the horizon. 

Those events and more will be officially announced by CoinPoker in the very near future. Stay tuned.

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