Dan Bilzerian Banned from Snapchat

4 years ago
Dan Bilzerian Banned from Snapchat
04 Mar

Dan Bilzerian, sometime poker player and all the time attention seeker, was banned from 'Snapchat' after posting nude photos and videos that were found to be in violation of the app's policy.

Known as the 'King of Instagram,' the trust fund millionaire with too much time on his hands was given the ax at Snapchat just 6 hours after posting the offensive content. Several Bilzerian followers on social media, now approaching 7 million on Instagram and more than 1 million on Twitter, were a bit perturbed over the snub of their hero on Snapchat.

But the playboy sort of expected his foray into Snapchat to be scrutinized, as he tweeted the following a few days ago:

Bilzerian has landed in a spot of trouble in recent months. Allegations of tossing a porn star off of a roof, kicking a young lady at a Miami nightclub, and getting arrested on felony explosives charges have seen the 27-year-old find his name in mainstream news reports as of late.

The latter allegation led to pleas of no contest last month to a misdemeanor of failure to extinguish a fire. Bilzerian and a co-defendant paid a combined $20,000 in fines and the Instagram star agreed to be part of a public service announcement on behalf of Nevada's Bureau of Land Management.

It is anticipated that the PSA will be absent of the firearms, nudity and profanity that is often found on Bilzerian's social media postings.

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