Dan Bilzerian Fighting Interpol Warrant

2 years ago
Dan Bilzerian Fighting Interpol Warrant
13 Sep

Dan Bilzerian, is in trouble with the law. Again. This time however it’s not just violence against women he’s under scrutiny for or misdemeanour bomb-bulding. This time he’s triggered a full blown international incident.

It started when Dan Bilzerian was in Armenia earlier this month to get his citizenship confirmed and – having failed to get into the Navy SEALs – to register with the Armenian armed forces. While there he took a trip out to a gun range and fired off a rocket for his Instagram following. 

Unfortunately he wasn’t in Armenia at the time. He had crossed the border into Artsakh

Artsakh, better known – if known at all – as Nagorno-Karabakh is an autonomous area of Azerbaijan. Though technically Azerbaijani soil, Artsakh’s independent government apparently doesn’t mind letting off the odd rocket for a ‘celebrity’ trooper.

The Azerbaijani government on the other hand don’t take kindly to Armenian nationals firing off unregistered RPGs on what they see as their soil.

The result has been a note to the US and Interpol asking if they could have Bilzerian served up. Armenia has naturally called it a political stunt, which it more or less is, and Bilzerian is claiming he is being targeted for his high profile, and not for the fact that he posted a photo of him committing the alleged crime to his Instagram.

I for one am looking forward to Bilzerian’s IG posts documenting life in a Central Asian military gaol.

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