Dan Bilzerian Makes All House Visitors Sign NDA Upon Arrival

2 years ago
Dan Bilzerian Makes All House Visitors Sign NDA Upon Arrival
06 Sep

If you haven’t heard of VitalyzdTV and their front man Villain, that may be because you are older than 13. They are a YouTube based Jackass rip-off with all the self-deprecation and good humour stripped out in favour of toxic, almost parodic, masculinity. They are also the team behind the “movie” Natural Born Pranksters and, unsurprisingly, it turns out they are Dan Bilzerian’s sort of people.

In a recent video they took us inside Bilzerian’s vast home, a monument to the failures of late stage capitalism. On entry VitalyzdTV turned off their snark and turned on their simpering. 

Met at the door by a crew of gun toting rent-a-fascists sporting private security logos and an NDA the team eventually get into the building only to find that they have to hunt Bilzerian out on the third floor. Which is one way to go about hospitality.

High on one of Bilzerian’s newest strains of weed they hit the gym, the mini-motorbikes, and Dan’s chef’s table. He’s reportedly had three heart attacks before the age of 32

Watching him work out, you can see why.

While Dan might have to stay in shape for his stint in the Armenian armed forces for which he is now registered, Villain appears to be there largely for the social media-ness of the whole thing. He ends the video starstruck and about to whiteout on Bilzerian’s stairs.

In the meantime it looks like Bilzerian’s got another 50-odd strains to test

The big wheel just keeps on turning.

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