Dan Bilzerian's Weed Gets Release Date

1 year ago
Dan Bilzerian's Weed Gets Release Date
13 May

It looks like Dan Bilzerian is taking his time off from spending his vast inheritance on picking fights with women and tossing them off hotel roofs, to try and spin some of his cash up in a business of his own.

Bilzerian, a celebrity bimbo best known for taking selfies during moments of materialistic consumption fit to set Marx’s corpse spinning under Highgate Cemetery like a laundromat dryer, has been embroiled in numerous vulgarian controversies in the past. So it’s refreshing that he is in the news doing something vaguely constructive

Never one to be accused of creativity, his company will be selling cannabis, the growth of which industry has been making headlines for the last few years as more and more states legalise the drug.

It is perhaps a little odd that Bilzerian, whose politics are so retrograde that he dropped out of running for president in order to get behind Donald Trump, the first Nazi sympathiser to have a serious run at the office since Charles Lindbergh, has sided with the pot industry. But it is thoroughly in keeping with his party-girl persona. Perhaps though running a business might make for a more responsible and grown up Bilzerian. 

Piggybacking on the latest business trends does at least seem a little more dignified than kicking women in the face in the club and waiting for the all clear before filming oneself “going after” a Las Vegas shooter

So who knows, getting stoned might be the making of Bilzerian the man from Bilzerian the boy.

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