Daniel Negreanu: A Day in The Life of a High Roller

3 years ago
Daniel Negreanu: $25,000 Aria High Roller
12 Feb

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In Daniel Negreanu’s mind, the most relaxing thing one can possibly do to get one’s head on straight before the big high roller series at the Aria is a game of football (or soccer as he would have it) and watching high concept Sci-Fi flicks. That’s the sort of insight you’ll be getting from his latest video about the $25k High Roller event at the Aria.

You also get to see what health nut and public vegetarian DNegs has for breakfast – spoiler alert, it is a grim looking slick of blitzed veg and powders which, he affirms ‘tastes better than you think’. Then he goes in for more exercise. His life looks utterly exhausting.

Which is why he needs to relax so much one imagines. After the soccer and a movie, he tries to get a good night’s sleep only to go and exercise even harder in the mornings. If I wanted to watch seven minutes of someone exercising and eating healthily I’d be watching 100Days.

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Once on the road he gives us the good stuff - a bit about his adjustments, how he’ll need to adapt to the various pros and the advantages of queueing up early at the Aria (no vig on your first buy in). And then finally, 17 minutes in, we get some poker...

The tournament section of the video seemed surprisingly brisk, with short blind levels and rebuys galore – Daniel ends up in for three bullets and finds himself needing a third place or better finish to cash. Sadly no footage of the game, one imagines these highroller events are a little stricter about having cameras on during play than in your average donk’n’go. But Daniel does go over a bunch of hands and it sounds like his channel will be promising more poker content as he revamps it, giving us a little insight into what playing shortstacked with the sharks is like at the highest levels.

On top of that there’s a lot of Daniel talking to people, being sociable, being Daniel. So if you’re into that, you’re gonna love his newer blogs. There’s is an interesting chatette with Daniel Colman about promoting poker.

(Photo: Pokerstars.com)

It is worth the time just for surprise twist that those PokerStars logos are stick on, not branded wear. Secrets of the stars:

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