Daniel Negreanu Loses Control After Another Losing Grudge Match Session

11 months ago
Daniel Negreanu Loses Control After Another Losing Grudge Match Session
12 Dec

Poker fans had probably expected it to arrive much sooner, but Daniel Negreanu finally lost his cool after yet another cooler-filled losing session against Doug Polk in their Grudge Match of the Century.

Warning: NSFW!

DNegs, trailing by close to $700k before this battle, had just lost a massive $117k pot that would end the day – has ace-king running into Polk’s pocket aces, yet another expensive cooler for the Canadian.

A few minutes later, as he joined Jeff Platt and Pastrik Tardif for his post-match interview, the air turned blue as DNegs finally snapped…

“What the fuck’s going on?” Negreanu asked. “Do I have to start every motherfucking, cock-sucking session flopping or turning a motherfucking straight… when he fucking makes a flush?" The rant continued, “What the fuck, dude? I have trips, he has a fucking flush, I turn a straight, he makes a fucking flush.”

The day had started with a brutal cooler, DNegs losing a full $40k stack when his turned straight ran into a turned Polk flush.

Then he referenced that fateful final hand that could have turned a big loss into a break-even session had he hit his flopped flush…

“I pick up ace-king…Maybe one fucking time this guy could not hold, with aces in a cooler spot..?”

Of course it’s far from the first time Negreanu has lost the plot and descended into an expletive-laden rage.

Earlier  this year he went off on one during the online WSOP, again a NSFW video that went viral, with a text version below for those who don’t want Negreanu’s swearing to upset the kids or cost them their jobs!

“It’s on me? What the fuck man, motherfucking shit….Come on. Fuck. It says it’s on me over here but I’ve got no fucking cards…I’ve got a fucking big stupid thing…come on dude, what is up with this software?”

Of course, the current Grudge Match against Polk came about after Negreanu snapped at Polk’s constant poking and digs aimed at him, a meltdown compilation of the GGPoker ambassador the final straw.

With a few thousand hands still to go before Negreanu can call it quits, he’ll be hoping for some run-good to turn things around – otherwise we might be looking at a rather large collection in the swear jar!

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