Daniel Negreanu Parts Ways With PokerStars After 12 Years

4 years ago
Daniel Negreanu Parts Ways With PokerStars After 12 Years
24 May

Daniel Negreanu’s 12-year stint as a PokerStars ambassador has come to an end, the Canadian announcing via Twitter that his “incredible run” is over – and citing his recent wedding and future babies as factors in the shock news.

It was a strangely informal release of something the poker world has perhaps been expecting for some time now, Negreanu’s selfie-stick resignation starting with a mention of his recent wedding to Amanda Leatherman.

He then states:

“On that note, my life is taking on a new direction …gonna have some babies, get the grind up for the World Series, but before that I have an important announcement to make about my 12-year run – which was an incredible run - with PokerStars. It was a great run but we are no longer going to be an ambassador for the company…”

And in that one sentence the most identifiable partnership in the poker world was broken.

PokerStars themselves released a Tweet including some of his most memorable moments as a red spade player…

Negreanu added: “I worked with so many great people - Scott and Eric and Melanie and Severin - some really good people there at PokerStars” and also enthused about “the opportunity to travel the world” that his PokerStars deal gave him.

"You know, playing Barcelona, Monte Carlo and the PCA, which were like three of my favourite stops…” said KidPoker in what was a short announcement, less than 1 minute start to finish.

Rebecca McAdam, Associate Director of the Stars Group Public Relations team stated:

“Daniel has been one of the most influential faces of poker and indeed PokerStars for 12 years, and it has been wonderful to have his passion, support and insights throughout our relationship. We wish Daniel the very best for the future, as well as wedded bliss and tons of run good this summer.”

Signing off with, “I wish everyone the best … and I’m super-excited about the future with my new woman – yeah, love is in the air!” Negreanu blew a kiss into the camera and that was that.

It may be the end of an era, but there is sure to be more to come in the Daniel Negreanu life story.

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